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I produce music. I play the guitar and trombone, however I have only have an electric guitar and acoustic guitar. I have experience in playing both instruments.

19, Male

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Hello everyone,

I stop uploading my 20+ songs on Newgrounds because school overloaded me with homework and there wasn't any time to make this annoucement earlier nor creating the cover arts for my 20+ songs. Forcefully, school became a priority and I had little-to-no time for a social life since my grades were plummeting. Now, I passed all of my courses. I finished first semester and get a 1 month vacation. However, I'm helping high school students to succeed in math since in Canada, politics is everywhere, especially in the education system.

I got a new computer that is more powerful than my previous computer. Ever since I heard that Image Line is chasing after people who uses pirated copies of FL Studio, I start to assume other competitors will do the same. I found a free professional DAW called "Cakewalk by Bandlab". Throughout winter and spring, I'll be transferring my sample libraries to the new computer, installing vsts again and learning the DAW. In addition, I received an iPad. So that's 2 DAWS, Cakewalk and Garageband iOS.

Starting summer 2020, I'll continue to upload my remaining songs and create new songs using Cakewalk and Garageband iOS. That means I won't create new songs on Mixcraft nor Reaper because of optimization issues and the minimum system requirements for the new version of Mixcraft is too much. It went from 2GB of RAM to 8GB of RAM. I will no longer start creating waveform music videos for YouTube since its Terms of Service and Policies are changing in favour of businesses, not creators.

Until, January 9, 2020, I'll remain active on Newgrounds. It would be the best time to contact me on Newgrounds about my songs and other requests. From January 10, 2020 to mid-April 2020, I'll be unactive on Newgrounds and Social Media platforms because of school.

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