Where have I been?

2015-08-25 13:33:02 by SamuelReano

Hello, you've might been wondering on why I haven't been active or publishing any new audio on Newgrounds. Recently, I've been busy with school exams and I'm currently helpping a new musician on Newgrounds. You can check him out here:http://sarez.newgrounds.comĀ  He's currently working on remixes for now but soon he will post Electronic related songs. Here's the link to hear his latest work: http://sarez.newgrounds.com/audio So in the mean time, I'll be helpping on getting started for Newgrounds Audio Users. You are all welcome to help him out on Newgrounds and give him a warm welcoming!

Hey everyone so I recently upload electronic music on YouTube so I'm asking you guys to tell what the next electronic music should sound like. Tell me in the comments below. Link to my YouTube Channel: My YouTube Channel Free Download My Music: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8imkjRz MDu4Z2l0UTN1T013SU0&usp=sharing Email Address: samuelreano@gmail.com